Terms of Service

The purpose of our podcast/production is for Industry Professional (IP) Members to be exposed to new and exciting scripts and upcoming or untapped talent. This service may not be used for solicitation of its performers, writers, or producers in any manner inconsistent with their roles as artists and performers. Contacting a member of this podcast for purposes of pursuing and exploring a creative opportunity is allowed (in fact, it is welcome and encouraged).

All contact with writers, performers, or producers is only to be initiated for the purpose or requesting a script, arranging representation, and other purposes consistent with developing or nurturing the parties mentioned herein.

Use of this service is for subscribers only.

PITCH! gains and retains writers and performers by promotion of our success, and by publishing the accomplishments of those authors who have been featured on our service. Therefore, we request that all subscribers adhere to our Standards for Development:

- That I, as a professional in the entertainment industry, will inform the producers of PITCH! of any relationships, either prospective or consummated, with any author or performer featured on the podcast. This includes, but is not limited to, optioning a script; hiring a writer or performer; any formal or informal agreements; any form of collaboration; and any other form by which I engage the professional services of any author or performer. If an author or performer finds employment, sells a script, obtains representation, etc., through our service, we reserve the right to announce and publish any such development through our service. I understand that PITCH! may change these Standards of Development at any time.

I acknowledge that as an End-User/Subscriber to PITCH!, that all statutory and common law rights pertaining to authorship reside with, and remain vested in, the authors of such works. By subscribing to, listening to, or otherwise consuming the content on PITCH!, I hereby acknowledge that any promulgation of any work, in whatever form and by whatever means, that such promulgation does not constitute publication of any such work, and that by subscribing to, listening to, or otherwise consuming the content on PITCH!, that I am not thereby vested with, or acquire in any way, any right of intellectual property, or any other right or interest in, any such work.

For questions, or to contact PITCH! directly, visit https://www.streetlamp.media/contact